Glimpses of the New Creation: Worship and the Formative Power of the Arts

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Taylor, W. David O. Glimpses of the New Creation : Worship and the Formative Power of the Arts. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2019.

Personally, I have long awaited for a book like this–theologically engaging worship with the arts, liturgical art. Dr. Taylor in his writing shows us how the arts in worship form individuals and communities.

...every choice of art in corporate worship, what we might call liturgical art, both opens up and closes down possibilities for the formation of our humanity. This is another way of saying that no instance of art in worship is neutral. Each instance is potent–each in its own way...It forms our desires; it shapes our capacities to imagine the world; it confirms and disturbs our emotional instincts, while also activating the faculties of the physical body or muting them, as the case may be; and it solidifies and reconfigures identity and over time generates a certain way of being in the world...However...the arts in worship ought to be freed to form the church in their own ways...they ought to form us on the terms of corporate worship...Liturgical art serves worships (1-2).