Music Artist, Singer, Producer, Vocal trainer, Worship Leader


Silas is a Vancouver-based musical artist. He impacted young people in South Korea as the leader of the CCM group Last from 2007 to 2012. He then came to Vancouver in order to launch new music ministries. As a solo artist, he has released albums such as I Am Nothing (2014), holds annual concerts called "Soul Live" locally, and leads the music concert section of Youth KOSTA (Korean Students All Nations) in Canada. His twin passions are music and ministry to 1.5-generation Korean Canadian youth and young adults. Through his music ministries, he delivers the love found in the Gospel of Christ to the Korean diaspora. Silas is a worship leader at Vancouver Newsong Chapel and lives with his wife, Mi-so, and their sons Yi-yul and Yi-seol in Coquitlam, BC.

Work Experience

CCM Singer, Music Producer, Vocal trainer (2007-present)

Worship Leader, Newsong Chapel (2017-present)

Principal, The Call Applied Music School (2012-13)


순회 선교단 복음 선교관 학교 6개월 훈련 과정 이수 (2014)

BA, in Mission, Hanyoung Theological University, South Korea (2007)

Album & Concert

2017 - 2019  Silas Lee’s Soullive Concert (3 times)

2016 - 2019   Los Angeles concert tours (5 times)

2011 - 2019   International “KOSTA” speaker – Vancouver (8 times), Toronto (3 times), Edmonton, Indonesia, Korea (2 times)

2017   “예수님의 마음이 머무는곳” single album

2015   Texas concert tour

2015   Seattle & Vancouver concert tour

2014-2015 Multiple concerts with My Sister’s Place band: Indonesia (2 times), Philippines, as well as others

2014   "I am nothing" Silas Lee mini album

2012   Los Angeles “KWJM“ concert tour

2008-2012   Numerous (over 500) worship/concert/television appearances as leader of CCM group “LAST”

2009-2012   Music ambassador for Food for the Hungry

2001-2013   Worship leader at Eunpyeong Baptist Church

2008   "Flying heart" LAST mini album

2001    Worship leader at Hanyoung Seminary worship mission team

Songwriting & Composing

라스트- Flying Heart , Thanks , 잠시, 향기

강중현– 증명

김브라이언- 예수그리스도, 우리가있는곳, rises up to the sky

제이미스톤즈- 주님가신길따라

김관호- 높은곳에올라가

김선실- 하늘나라

뮤지컬 에니메이션 "Story Box The Bible – 진짜보물, 나는보네

이실라- 바람에, I am nothing , 주님께드릴것 , 예수님의마음이머무는곳

Co-Producer & Vocal Directing

라스트- Flying Heart

두란노 - <주보혈워쉽> 프로젝트 앨범

유영미 - Single 1

뮤지컬에니메이션 <Story Box The Bible> 2~4편

김브라이언 2집 – 보컬디렉터

제이미스톤즈 - 사랑은지금도

김선실 - '하늘나라' 보컬디렉터

강중현 - '증명' 프로듀싱

뮤지컬  애니메이션 "Story Box The Bible"성우

이실라 정규 미니앨범 "I am nothing"  


두란노 <주보혈워십> - 보혈을지나, 우리때문에, 주보혈날씻었네, 예수십자가의흘린피로써, 죄에서자유를얻게함은, 약한나로강하게

<Hispop Christmas Album> -노엘 

<H-Hand Band> - 축복합니다

김브라이언 2집 - 난주의것

디엠티- 나같은죄인살리신

바이러스- 감염되어도죽지않아

김브라이언- rises up to the sky 

Album Chorus

Last 라스트 

Virus 바이러스 

Kim Brian 김브라이언 2집

Kang-can 강찬4집, 

Juri 주리 2집 외 다수 코러스