Music Artist, award-winning K-Pop & CCM Producer/Composer 


Sungol (Kang-il) is an award-winning K-pop producer and composer. He is known not only for his work on K-pop hits such as Huh Gak's "Only You," 4Men's "Erase," and the Wonder Girls' "Come to Me", but also for his eponymous Youtube channel, "Sungol", where he covers K-pop and contemporary Christian music with a sense of humour for over a hundred thousand subscribers. Since his first CCM album, "GOD's Letter," was released in 2017, Kang-il has also been sharing his testimony with youth and young adults in the Korean church. Above all, he cares for younger generations, especially those who have been wounded sexually and emotionally. He lives in Namyangju, Korea with his lovely wife, Ha-yan Seo, where he serves as young adult leader at Byeollae Oryun Church.


Seoul Institute of the Arts (BFA, MIDI) (2009)


K-Pop Producing & Composing

Huh Gak (허각) _ Only You (바보야)

4MEN (포맨) _ Erase (지우고 싶다)

WONDER GIRLS.Sunye (원더걸스.선예) - 내게 와줘 (Come to Me) [OhLaLa Couple OST]

B1A4 (비원에이포) - One sided love (짝사랑)

Sistar/Hyorin (시스타/효린) - Who you are to me (내겐 너니까)

Gilgu Bonggu (길구봉구) - Because it hurts everyday (하루하루 아프니까)

Koyote (코요태) - It’s snowing (눈이 내려와)

Na Yoon Kwon (나윤권) - Because you’re my everything (전부이니까)


울랄라세션, 반하나 ,더히든, 심은진(베이비복스), 헤일로, 한그루 등 작사, 작곡, 편곡.


Contemporary Christain Music Ministries

Salvation Army Power Camp (Aug. 14, 2019) 충북 영동 구세군 백화산 수련원 - 구세군 청소년 파워캠프

Joint Youth Camp, Busan Presbytery (Aug. 2, 2019) 거제대학교 부산노회 청소년 연합수련회

Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do - Jangyu Daesung church (Jul. 30, 2019) 경남 김해 - 장유대성교회

Jinju Sungkwang church (Jul. 23, 2019) 경남.진주 - 진주성광교회

Chang dai Church (May 26, 2019) 서울 강동구 - 창대교회

Daegu Juvilian (May 21, 2019) 대구 - 소년원 (읍내정보통신학교)

Youngshin Nursing Business High School (May 15, 2019) 영신 간호 비지니스 고등학교 수련회

New Genaration church 다음세대 교회 (Mar. 3, 2019)

Oryun Church (Oct. 21, 2018) 서울 강동구 오륜교회 

Ansan Dong san Church (Aug. 9, 2018) 경기도 안산 - 안산동산교회 중등부 수련회

The Dream (Aug. 8, 2018)  충북 청주 - 더 드림 청소년 캠프

Day church (Jul. 30, 2018) 경기도 수원 - 데이처치

Promise Keepers Church (June 24, 2018) 인천 강화군 - 온세상 약속교회

CBS 새롭게 하소서. 출연 (May 29, 2018)

Sinbanpo - church (May 20, 2018) 서울 서초구 - 신반포교회

Gyeonggi-do. Seongnam Mocja Church (May 12, 2018) 경기도 성남시 - 선한목자교회

Joseph-School (Mar. 16, 2018) 경기도 용인시 - 요셉 국제학교

Gyeonggi-do. Namyangju . Dail-church (Feb. 11, 2018) 경기도 남양주 - 다일교회


Sinlge Album

2017.9 God's Letter single album 1- Jesus loves you

2018.1 God's Letter single album 2- 나는 문란합니다

2018.8 God's Letter single album 3 - Last Finale


YouTube Creator

'SUNGOL' 로 활동중

More than 100,000 Subscribers/ 6600,000 hits (July, 2019)

Press & Awards

Grand Prize, The 25th CBS Christian Music Festival 제25회 CBS 크리스천 뮤직 패스티벌 대상수상, (온전히 주님만-백다나)

4-men - Erase (지우고 싶다), the top of the Korean K-pop music industry (2014)

Punch - Sometimes (가끔 이러다), the top of the Korean K-pop music industry top 100, MELON, JINI, OLHE, SORIBADA (Sep. 2019)

V.O.S - Again (다시 만날까봐), the 22nd of the Korean K-pop music industry  top 100 (Sep. 2019)