Award-winning Music Artist
K-Pop & CCM Composer / Producer

Kang-il Park is a celebrated Korean pop music producer and composer. After graduating from Seoul Institute of the Arts (MIDI) in 2009, he has produced and composed more than thirty recognized Korean pop songs and OSTs for Korean dramas: Lee Yejoon’s “On that Day,” VOS’s “Again,” Punch’s “Sometimes,” The Boiz’s “Priority,” 4Men’s “Erase,” BMK’s “Just in Case,” etc. In addition to K-pop albums, Park has also produced CCMs (Contemporary Christian Music) such as “Jesus Loves You (2017),” and “Last Finale (2018).” Recently, as director of Rebuild Ministries, he cares for prospective musicians who are financially and socially marginalized. He lives with his wife, Ha-yan Seo, in Seoul, South Korea.


  • 제 25 회 CBS 크리스천 뮤직 패스티벌 대상수상 (온전히 주님만-백다나)


  • 2018.5.29 [CBS] 새롭게 하소서. 출연

Single Album

  • 2017.9 갓스레터 1집- Jesus loves you

  • 2018.1 갓스레터 2집- 나는 문란합니다

  • 2018.8 갓스레터 3집- Last finale


  • 실용음암과 보컬 전공 백제예술대학교 (2006)

  • 전자음악(MIDI) 전공, 서울예술대학교 (2009)

K-POP Composing

  • 2007 K-1 Seoul 오프닝송 편곡

  • KBS2 TV CM song 제작

  • 이예준- 그날에 나는 맘이 편했을까, 미친소리

  • VOS- 다시 만날까봐, 니 이름 불렀나봐, 잘살고있다

  • 펀치- 가끔이러다, 너의목소리

  • 이적- 그대한숨이깊고깊어도 (허쉬 OST)

  • 더보이즈- 우선순위 (런온 OST)

  • 허각- 바보야

  • 포맨- 지우고싶다

  • 반광옥- 오늘일기

  • B1A4- 짝사랑, Oh my god, Fooool

  • 길구봉구- 하루하루 아프니까 (마담앙트완 OST)

  • 나윤권- 전부이니까, 그리운날들

  • 효린(시스타)- 내겐 너니까 (영광의재인 OST)

  • BMK- 혹시 몰라서

  • 별- 나빠

  • 선예(원더걸스)- 내게와줘 (울랄라부부 OST)

  • 코요테- 눈이내려와

  • 차가을- 술

  • 이혁(노라조)- 어떤 순간에도 우리

  • 브라이언- 시간을 건너서 (환상의타이밍 OST)

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