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Award-winning Filmmaker, Executive Producer of NEOARI Media

Email: choidirector@gmail.com 

Yong-pil is an award-winning film director and an art director in New York City. He currently works as the executive producer of NEOARI Media and as an art director of KISS USA. He has over ten years of film & TV production (with KBS, MBC, YTN, JTBC, Arirang TV, EBS) and twenty years of design experience. His short film <The Reply Letter> was awarded the best short film prize at New York International Film Festival (2011). He also had several group and solo art shows in South Korea, Japan, and New York. Yong-pil was invited to the 2006 Young Korean Christian Artists Exhibition as well. He is a member at New Frontier Church, NY, and lives with his wife, Mi-sun, and their son, Yi-re in NYC. He loves helping people in need, creating art projects, and food adventures.

1980년 부산에서 태어난 용필은 뉴욕에 거주하는 영화 감독, 프로듀서이자 예술 감독이다. 현재 NEOARI Media 책임 프로듀서이며 KISS USA 예술 감독으로 활동하고 있다. 그는 영화 및 텔레비전 프로덕션에서 십여 년 넘게, 그리고 이십 년 이상 디자인 경력을 가지고 있는 전문가이다.  KBS, MBC, EBS, YTN, Arirang TV, JTBC, YTN 등 한국 공영 및 케이블 방송의 다수 프로그램을 프로듀싱했을 뿐 아니라 그의 단편 영화 <The Reply Letter>는 2011년 뉴욕 국제 영화제에서 최고의 단편 영화상을 수상하기도 했다. 또한, 미술가로서 2006년 대한민국 기독교 젊은 예술가 초대전에 초청된 바 있다. 용필은 뉴프론티어 교회 멤버이며, 사랑하는 아내 미선, 그리고 아들 이레와 뉴욕에서 살고 있다.


NEW YORK FILM ACADEMY 2009/ NewYork, NY (Film making (Scholarship from movie director Brett Ratner))

KYUNG SUNG UNIVERSITY 2006 / Korea (B.A. Fine Arts & Digital Animation (Double major))

Work Experience

Producer at NEOARI MEDIA, INC. 2009~ Present / NY 

Art Director / Creative Team, KISS PRODUCT 2014-Present / NY

Marketing Designer / Marketing Department at UNITED DENTAL GROUP 2013 / NY

Team Leader / Brand Development Department at DELICE GLOBAL, INC. 2011 ~ 2013 / NJ

Expert in Food Expo(IDDBA 2012, 2013, FFSW 2011,2012, FFSE 2012, NFPW 2012)

Video Editor at TKCTV (Korean American TV channelCh.531)2008/NY

Multimedia Designer / Media Contents Department at WOOLTARI 2006 ~ 2007 / Korea


Branding, Promotion materials for123 DENTAL GROUP 2013 / NY

Branding(Vitamin Shower), Package, Commercial videos for KOKOS INTERNATIONAL 2010-2012 / PA

Web & Interactive concept design for LG HAUSYS 2010 / NYTRF 2009 /CA, China

Branding, Car mapping, Marketing materials for ASAP EXPRESS 2007 / Japan

UBU PRODUCTION (Major film production) 2006/ Korea Branding, Movie intro sequence

TV Commercial Video 

PRESS & GONAIL Korean TV Home shopping/5”/HD/2016/NY Producing&Directing/Client:BHKKorea

KARIMRASHIDSHOES Korean TV Home shopping/20”/HD/2015/NY,Korea Producing/Client:CJKoreanHomeShoppingChannel

KISS COMPANY PR Company PR Video/10”/RED/2015/NY Producing&MotionGraphic/Client:KissProducts,Inc.

DAEDONG MANOR Local TV spot / 33” / RED / 2011 / NY Directing,Editing&CG/Client:DaedongKoreanAmericanRestaurant

VITAMIN SHOWERTV Infomercial / 9m / HD / 2011 /PA Directing,Editing&CG/Client:KokosInternational,Inc.

INDOOR TOILET FOR PET TV Infomercial / 5m / HD / 2011 /PA Directing,Editing&CG/Client:KokosInternational,Inc.

OUT RENEW WIGS PRODUCT Promotion video for New York Fashion Week/2m/HD/2010/NJ Editing&CG/Client:SunTaiyangCo.,Ltd.,

KUKIWON Taekowndo Festival Promotion,TVspot/1m/HD/2010/NY Editing&CG/Client:KoreanCulturalServiceNewYork

TAP TECH MASSAGER TV Infomercial/10m/HD/2010/CA Directing,Editing&CG/Client:TRFCo.,Ltd

PET SPA TV Infomercial/9m/HD/2009/PA Directing,Editing&CG/Client:KokosInternational,Inc.

NANOSILVER TV spot/1m/DV/2009/CA Editing&CG/Client:Nanowell,Inc.

SLIP FIGHTERTV spot / 1m / DV / 2008 / NY

Editing & CG/Client:TSLHomeshopping

SUPEREX TV spot/1m/DV/2008/NY Editing&CG/Client:TSLHomeshopping

AGABE NECTAR TV spot / 1m / DV / 2008 / NY

Editing & CG / Client: TSL Home shopping

EASTER Christian Community TV spot/2m/DV/2008/NY Editing&CG/Client:KoreanAmericanChurchesinNY

Film Producing

Naver Live Stream ‘BTS New Album Launching’ 60m/ Live / Director: Sangbum Lee / 2019 / NY

EBS Documentary ‘Software Perception Improvement’ 50m/ 2 Episodes / Director: Jihoon Chang / 2019 / NY

MBC PD Notebook ‘Animal Rights NPO. CARE’ 45m/ Director: Yong Pil Choi / 2019 / NY

JTBC SpecialDocumentary‘KnowledgeofMeal’50m/8Episodes/Director:JinmyungMoon,KyunghoonHan/2019/NY,NJ,TN

JTBC Docu-Plus ‘Modern Design’ 45m/ Director: Sangmin Shin / 2019 / NY

Law TV Documentary ‘Private Investigator’ 50m / Director: Young-Chul Jung / 2018 / NY

KBS Documentary ‘Urban Regeneration’ 50m / 2 Episodes / Director: Wook-jung Lee / 2018 / NY

YTN SpecialDocumentary‘Homo-Viator’46m/4Episodes/Director:JungminKim/2018/NY,NJ,ME,VA,NC 

MBC SectionTV‘Seo-MinJung InterviewsthemovieOceans8’45m/Director:JihwanYoon/2018/NY 

MBC PD Notebook‘U.S.-North Korea Summit’45m/Director:SunghyunCho/2018/NY,NJ,DC

Arirang TV Documentary ‘Acupuncture’ 50m / Director: Wonhyuck Cho / 2017 / NY

KBS Documentary ‘Food Odyssey Season 2’ 50m / 6 Episodes/ Director: Wook-jung Lee / 2017 / NY, EU, ASIA

MBC Special Documentary ‘Trump’ 110m / 2 Episodes/ Director: Donghee Kim / 2017 / NY, DC, MI, OH

KBS Special Documentary ‘Milk Road 2’60m / Director: Junhwan Sung / 2016 / NY, VA, CA, Turkey, France, Spain

YTN Documentary ‘Patent War 2.0’60m / Director: Kyunghun Lee / 2016 / NY, DC

MBC Special Documentary‘ About Face- Evolution of Make-Up’60m/Director:SungKi-Yeon/2015/NY,CA 

MBC Special Documentary Climate Revolution’ 150m/3Episodes/Director:JongwooKim/ 2014/ NY, NJ, FL, CA

KBS Documentary ‘Revolution of Rice’ 45m/ Director:YoonoLee/ 2014/ NY

EBS Documentary ‘Global Campus’ 60m / Director: Junhwan Sung / 2014 / NY, Abudabi

New York Acting Camp Short term acting program / 2011 /NY

Alumni: 2012 American Idol Top 9 -Hee Jun Han, K-POP Idol group <Ladiescode>- Ashley Choi

MBC DRAMA ‘Flame of Desire’ 50 Episodes Drama / HD / 2010 / NY & Korea

Film Directing

WONDER WHEELShort film / 5m / HD / 2012 / NY

THE ANNIVERSARY Short film / 20m / RED / 2010 / NY

THE REPLY LETTER* Short film / 17m / HD / 2010 / NY *Sold at iTunes

PEACEFUL TONIGHT Short film / 8m / DV / 2009 / NY

MY NEIGHBOR 1, 2 Short film / 5m , 15m / 16mm film, DV / 2009 / NY

TEACEREMONYShortfilm/12m/16mmfilm/2009/NY RUMOR1,2Experimentalfilm/5m,8m/16mmfilm/2009/NY BUBBLE BUBBLE Short film / 27m /DV / 2007 /KoreaZACHAOUSShort animation film / 5m /DV / 2007 /KoreaMISSFORECASTShortfilm/8m/DV/2007/Korea

BLACK GLASSES *Experimental film/1m/DV/2005/Korea ADAM&EVE*Shortanimationfilm/5m/2D/2004/Korea SELF*Experimentalfilm/7m/DV/2003/Korea

Stage & Design

THE LULLABY Mono Drama/2007 Korea

RENT Musical / 2006 Korea

FANTASTICS Musical / 2006 Korea

GOSPEL Musical/2005/Korea

IMAGINARY PATIENTMusical/2005/Korea 

SNOW WHITE Musical /2005 / Korea 


Art Exhibition

WHERE’S JAMES (Collaborate show with artist‘ Jung Um)/ PP13Gallery/2013/Brooklyn,NY 

KOREA CHRISTIAN ART FESTIVAL Group show/Sungnam City Art Center/2006/Korea 

KOREAN YOUNG ARTIST *Selected artist show/Jinheung Art Hall/2006/Korea

THE GOOD WINDY DAY Group show / IN Gallery / 2006 / Korea

KYUNGSUNG GRADUATION EXHIBITION Group show / Kyungsung Art Gallery / 2006 / Korea

THE 3RD IXTUS Group show / Kyungsung Art Gallery / 2005 / Korea

GIFT FOR MR. HUYNG Group show / Kyungsung Art Gallery / 2005 / Korea

THE 2ND IXTUS Group show / Kyungsung Art Gallery / 2004 / Korea

THE 1ST IXTUS Group show / Kyungsung Art Gallery / 2003 / Korea

KOREA & JAPAN ART EXCHANGE Group show / Mitaka City Art Center, Gallery Yume / 2003 / Tokyo, Japan

TRIANGLE CITY Solo / X-gallery / 2000 / Korea

Press & Awards

THE LOYALIST Poster & Art/ Short film/ 19m/ HD/ 2015/ NY “Best Student Short Film”at Anapolis Film Festival/ 2016/ MD  “BestFilm”at Black Maria Film Festival/ 2015/ NY,  “Best Story Line”at Boston International Film Festival/ 2015/ MA “Best of the fest”at Rochester International Film Festival/ 2015/ NY “Best Short Film”at Salento International Film Festival/ 2015/ Italy

THE REPLY LETTER Producing&Directing/Shortfilm/17m/HD/2010/NY “BestShortFilm”atNewYorkInternationalFilmFestival/2011/NY

“Official Selection” at New Filmmakers Screening / 2011 / NY

“Official Selection” at Korean Independent Film Competition / 2010 / NY

JINWIE editing & Producing/ Feature documentary film/ 104m/ HD/ 2008/ Korea“ Official Selection”at JIFF Junjoo International Film Festival/ 2009/ Korea


Selected one of the five as Video artist

SELF Directing/ Experimental film / 7m / DV / 2005 / Korea

“OfficialSelection”atUNICA Belgium International Film Festival/ 2005/ Belgium “Official Selection”at UNICA Korean Film Festival/ 2005/ Korea

BLACKGLASSES Directing/Experimental film/ 1m/ DV/ 2005/ Korea “Final Place”at UNICA Korean Film Festival/ 2005/ Korea

ADAM & EVE Short 2D animation / 1m / DV / 2005 / Korea

“Final Place”at BUDI International Student Digital Film Festival/ 2005/ Korea  

“The Special Prize”at Korean Christian Animation Festival/ 2006/ Korea “TheSpecial Prize” at Busan Art Festival/ 2006/ Korea


“Bronze Medal” / Commercial Design