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Art Minister, Visual Artist, Filmmaker 

Director of POIEO Centre of Arts Ministry

Email: directingshalom@gmail.com 

Young Tae Choi is assistant minister at Richmond Presbyterian Church, Bible teacher at Dunwood Place Seniors Complex, and chairperson of the 2020 Missions Fest Vancouver Film Festival Committee. He has more than ten years of leadership experiences in institutional church and para-church ministries. He has taught visual art and filmmaking to high school/university students in several art institutions over a period of ten years as well. As a filmmaker, Young Tae has also directed both independent and commercial films in South Korea, Mongolia, and New York City. He is a graduate of St. Andrew's Hall at University of British Columbia (Grad. Dip in The PCC Denominational Studies), Regent College (Master of Divinity, in Theology and the Arts), and Korea National University of Arts (BFA). He lives in Langley, BC. Canada with his wife, Jenny Han, and their daughter, Claire. He loves the Triune God, theology, arts, ministry, and ice-cream.

1981년 부산에서 태어난 최영태는 부천 국제 판타스틱 영화제가 주관하는 환상영화학교 탤런트 랩과 한국예술종합 대학교 조형예술과 매체전공을 졸업하고 십여년 간 중고등학생과 대학생들에게 현대미술과 영상이론을 가르쳤다. 미술가로서 단체 전시뿐 아니라 영화인로서 한국, 몽골, 뉴욕 등에서 독립 및 상업 영화를 연출했다. 2010년 겨울, 영화 촬영 중 사고로 영화 일을 정리한 뒤 밴쿠버로 떠났다. 캐나다 리젠트 신학대학원에서 목회학 석사 과정 (신학과 예술 세부 전공)과 브리티시 콜럼비아 대학교 세인트 앤드류 홀에서 캐나다 장로교단 안수 디플로마 과정을 졸업했다. 현재 캐나다 장로 교단 웨스트민스터 노회 소속으로 리치몬드 장로교회 부목사로, 던우드 플레이스 시니어스 컴플렉스 성경 교사로, 그리고 미션스 페스트 밴쿠버 영화제 집행 위원장으로 섬기고 있다. 또한, 북미 교회 개척 프로그램인 Cyclical PCC 의 지원으로, 기독교 예술가들을 양육하는 포이에오 센터를 개척하며 사랑하는 아내 제니와 딸 클레어와 함께 캐나다 브리티시 컬럼비아 주 랭리에서 살고 있다.


Grad. Diploma in The PCC Denominational Studies, St. Andrew's Hall/VST at University of British Columbia, Canada (2016-2019)

Master of Divinity (Theology and the Arts), Regent College, Canada (2011-2017)

B.F.A. Korea National University of Arts, South Korea. (2002-2009)


Ordination and Induction. Richmond Presbyterian Church, the Westminster Presbytery, PCC (Sep. 30, 2019)

Certified for ordination. the Westminster Presbytery, PCC (Nov. 2018)

Leading with Care Certificate, the Westminster Presbytery, PCC (Nov. 2018)

Talent Lab, Fantastic Film School in NAFF (Network of Asia Fantastic Film), Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, South Korea (2009)

대중문화이론, 청어람 아카데미, 한국 (2006)


The Chairperson of Missions Fest Vancouver Film Festival (2019-present)

Arts Ministres

Passion Fruit, co-founder, Vancouver, BC (2013)

Shalom Art, Leader, K-Arts, Seoul (2005-2007)

Guest Speaker (Theology and the Arts)

Knox United Church, "The Loneliness and the Arts," Vancouver, BC (Mar 20, 2019)

Hebron Presbyterian Church, "Faith and Film," Langley, BC (2017. 11)

Grace Community Church, "Faith and Art," Surrey, BC (2013. 5)

Onnuri Community Church, "Faith and Art," Surrey, BC (2012. 5)

Church Ministries

Assistant Minister, Richmond Presbyterian Church, Richmond, BC. (Sep. 2019-present)

Bilble teacher, Worship Leader, Preacher, at Dunwood Place Seniors Complex, New Westminster, BC.  (2018. 4-present)

The Cyclical PCC, an assessment gathering, Vancouver, BC (Jan. 23-25, 2019)

Youth Alpha Film Group Leader, Vancouver Taiwanese Presbyterian Church, Vancouver, BC (2018. 5-6)

Director of Youth Ministry,  Vancouver Korean Presbyterian Church, Vancouver, BC (Nov. 2014 - Aug. 2017)

Church planting Intern,  Origin Church, Vancouver, BC (2012-2013)

Leader, HRC (Hope Retreat Centre), South Korea (2005-2007)

Military Chaplain Assistant, The 631 Artillery in South Korea (2002-2004)


Guest Minister

Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church, Vancouver, BC (May 8/ Aug. 12, 19, 2018)

Knox Presbyterian Church, New Westminster, BC (July 8/Aug. 26, 2018; Jan. 6/Mar. 16/Apr.14/June 30/ Jul.14/Aug. 4, 11, 25. 2019)

City Centre Church, Surrey, BC (June 17/Aug. 5/Dec. 23, 2018; Apr. 7/May 12/June 23, 2019)

Vancouver Taiwanese Presbyterian Church, Vancouver, BC (Aug. 19, 2018)

St. Paul's Simcoe Presbyterian Church, Simcoe, ON (Oct. 21, 2018)

Fairview Presbyterian Church, Vancouver, BC (Jan. 27, 2019)

West Vancouver Presbyterian Church, Vancouver,  BC (Mar. 24, 2019)

Vancouver Korean Presbyterian Church, Vancouver, BC (Feb 17, 24/May 19, 2019)

St. Aidan's Presbyterian Church, New Westminster, BC (May 5,  2019)

Point Grey Inter Mennonite Fellowship, Vancouver, BC (Aug. 18, 2019)

Calvin Presbyterian Church, Abbotsford, BC (June 16/Jul. 7, 2019)

Richmond Presbyterian Church, Richimond, BC (June 23/July 21, 2019)

Visual Arts and Film Work

Drawing and Watercolour Workshop Instructor, Graduate Student Society of UBC (University of British Colombia), Vancouver, BC (2013.10-2014.10)

Watercolour Workshop Instructor, Regent College, Vancouver, BC (2014. 2)

Executive Art Director, POST-i, Seoul (2012-2013)

Summer Scenario and Storyboard Workshop Instructor, Busan Visual Art High School, Busan (2011. 5-8)

Summer Portfolio Workshop Instructor, Modago Art Institute, Busan (2011. 6-8)

Portfolio Workshop and Moving Image Studies Instructor, Composite Arts Academy, Seoul (2007-2010)

Drawing and Watercolor Workshop Instructor, Gogamdo Art Institute, Busan (2000-2002)

Art Exhibition

"A Reconciling Hope," Lookout Gallery, Vancouver, BC (2017) 

Square Foot Prayer Project,” Lookout Gallery, Vancouver, BC (2014)

Contemporary Art Exhibition,” Incheon Culture Gallery, Incheon, South Korea (2014)

Unfamiliarity,” Regent Prayer Chapel, Vancouver, BC (2014)

Awkward Harmony,” GlasMoog-MinusEins-Foyer Gallery, Germany (2009)

An Old Gym for Audience,” Korea National University of Arts, South Korea (2007)

Exciting Station,” Busan Subway Station, South Korea (2007)

Ichthus,” Kyungsung University, South Korea (2005)

Film Projects

Video recording, Soul Sustainability, Vancouver, BC (2015)

3rd Assistant Director, “In Love and the War,” RG Entertainment feature film, 135min, Seoul (2011)

Co-producer, “The Reply Letter” – HD Short Film, Certainway Studio, 17min, NYC (2010)

Director / Producer / Writer / Editor, “Barnabas” – HD Commercial Short Film, 6min, South Korea (2010)

Director / Producer / Writer / Editor / 2nd Cinematography, “Jinwie” – HD Feature Documentary Film, 64min, South Korea (2009)

Art Director, “The Thorn Hearted” – HD Short Film, K-ARTS, 6min, South Korea (2009)

Assistant Director / Art Director / Sound Operator, “My Neighbor” – HDV Short Film, 13min, NYC (2009)

The 1st Associate Director, “Tap Tech Massager” – TV Infomercial Short Film, NEOARI Media, 9min, NYC (2008)

Director / Producer / Writer / Editor / Cinematography, “Screenplay” – DV Experimental Video, 2min, South Korea (2006)

Assistance Director / 2nd Cinematography, “The Grassland of Revelation” – HDV Documentary Film, Korea Arts Council, 38min, South Korea and Mongolia (2006)

Director / 2D Animator / Editor, “The Art Is“ – DV Short Animation, 4min, South Korea (2005)

Videographer, “Thailand” – DV Short mission trip video recording, Ppool Frame Studio, South Korea and Thailand (2005)

Videographer, “Indonesia” – DV Short mission trip video recording, Ppool Frame Studio, 11min, South Korea and Indonesia (2004)

Academic Conference

Paper presentated, "Arts Ministry beyond Sunday Worship Service," at Christian Witness in Cascadian Soil, Centre for Missional Leadership Academic Conference 2019 (May 10, 2019)

Press & Awards

The Ellis-Weston Award for excellence in Church History and Reformed Theology 2019 recipient (St. Andrew's Hall)

Dr. D.C. MacDonald Scholarship 2018 recipient

Be Painful” Press [Regent World] Jan 14th, 2014

In Love and the War” Released April 27th, 2011

The Reply Letter” The Tribeca Film Festival, Korea Independent Film “Winner” (2011)/ New Filmmakers, New York (2010)/ New York International Film Festival (2010)

"Jinwie,” The 10th Jeonju International Film Festival, Korea Feature Film Competition (2009)

The Thorn Hearted” Youefo (Online Korean Short Film Database) (2009)

Tap Tech Massager” Amazon.com: Health & Personal Care, eBay, etc/ Nationwide Channels in NYC

Screenplay” The 14th Independent Film and Video Makers’ Forum, “Selected Choice” (2009)/ Youefo (2009)

The Grassland of Revelation” Arts Council Korea (2006)

Short Term Mission

Philippine (2007, 1)

Vietnam (2007, 7)

Thailand (2005, 7)

Indonesia (2004, 8)